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Frequently Asked Questions

Are our mobile device sets unlocked?

Singapore outrightly forbids SIM locking on all mobile device sets sold in Singapore. Thus, all mobile device sets are SIM-free or unlocked and can be used with any SIM card compatible with networks provided in Singapore.

Are our prices inclusive of GST?

As Mobiler Star is not a GST registered company, our prices listed are all NETT prices.

Does our local sets come with any form of warranty?

Yes, all local mobile device sets purchased from Mobile Star comes with Telco / Manufacturer warranty. However, we strongly recommend for our customers to make a thorough check on the product purchased before leaving the shop. If any defects are found by the customer at the point of sale, it will be covered under the telco / manufacturer warranty.

Does our export sets come with any form of warranty?

Yes, all export mobile device sets purchased from Mobile Star comes with 180 days in-house warranty. However, we strongly recommend for our customers to make a thorough check on goods receive via delivery and store purchase. Any defects issues please get back to us as soon as possible.

Do we offer extended warranty for export sets for purchase?

Yes, definitely. We have 6 months and 12 months extended warranty that is purchasable.

6 months at $60        12 months at $100


Are there any form of hidden charges?

For cash or NETS payments, there are no hidden charges. There will be a one time surcharge for Visa/Mastercard. We advise for all customers to make their payments via cash or NETS. Mobiler Star does not support any form of gimmicks or hidden charges as we pride ourselves on transparency.

Do we offer instalment plans?

Yes, installment plans are available now.  Only applicable payment via credit cards are our site.

Do we have stocks for all the products listed on our website?

Yes, we do have the stocks available. However, due to the high demand of our products, we strongly advise customers to drop us a whatsapp / telegram to enquire or make a reservation.

Do we offer GST refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not as we are not a GST registered company.

Do we offer delivery service?

Yes! We do offer delivery services for our customers at a standard fee of $20 in Singapore only. For oversea fleet please advice, Do contact us for more details.

Do the mobile device sets purchased from Mobiler Star come with an international warranty?

Unless otherwise stated, all mobile device sets purchased from us come with local or in-house warranty only.

What is required when you do a trade-in with Mobiler Star?

Regardless of whether it is a trade-in or selling a mobile device to us, the original contents that came with the mobile device will be required. However, should there be some missing items and/or damages to the mobile device, prices will be reduced accordingly. We will also require the mandatory presentation of your NRIC / Work Permit / Work Pass / Passport, etc as it is required by the regulations of the Singapore Police Force to prevent theft and tracking of lost / stolen goods.

What is an export set?

Mobile device set has been imported from overseas, thus its warranty coverage is only limited to its country of origin.

Why is the mobile device set that you purchase from Mobiler Star cheaper than market rate?

Our products are ordered in bulk and we sell mobile device sets to our customers at the lowest price possible. In addition, we do not have any form of middleman charges, we also have low overhead costs and we maintain a good relationship with our manufacturers and distributors in order for us to pass the savings on to our customers.